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For Educators


The annual winter-spring BizIdea Challenge invites your students to submit and promote their ideas for products and services, inventions, or solutions to social and environmental problems. The Challenge will inspire and equip them to create the economy of tomorrow by exploring careers in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and invention today. It will also help them engage their creativty, develop their critical thinking skills, increase their scholastic aptitude in the English language arts and STEM, and help them clarify and align their school, college and career interests and objectives. The Challenge is part of the BizVenture Series, an annual experiential learning cycle for youth ages 13-15, 16-18 and 19-24 in the 50 towns of the Franklin, Hampshire and North Quabbin region. It culminates in late April with a Youth Business Expo where students present and pitch their ideas to a team of judges and vie for prizes. Prizes include cash, college scholarships, and scholarships to our "mini-MBA" BizKamp.

Activity Suggestions
Show our 22-minute YouTube video that introduces entrepreneurship, several young entrepreneurs, and the BizIdea Challenge itself.

Use our "Creation Station" handout (download below) to help your students explore ideas and register for BizIdea. 

Invite our BizTeam to present an interactive student assembly to introduce entrepreneurship and BizIdea.

Permit us to set up table in your cafeteria or at an event where students can take a sample BizQuiz and learn more about BizIdea.

Ask us to give an after-school/free period workshop where your students can prepare ideas, displays and pitches.

Designate a "BizDay" or "BizWeek" at your school that features these and other activities.

Assign "go-to" teachers or staff who can provide 1-1 support to your students on request.

Boost excitement and participation by:
- making morning announcements
- posting flyers
- promoting in your newsletter
- sharing with email lists
- distributing flyers and handouts to teachers
- posting news/info/link on website
- posting news/info/link on Facebook page
- sharing activity guides with parents

Attend/table at the Youth Business Expo on the evening of the 4th Thursday in April

Post-BizIdea ...
Recognize your students for their participation and awards
Award academic credit for students who attend BizKamp and complete a business plan
Create a college scholarship for student entrepreneurs funded by alumni business owners

We will ...
• facilitate or assist with the activities above, as needed or desired
• share data about your students' participation and program outcomes
• acknowledge and thank your school as a partner in program materials and media
• share media coverage that includes or features your school and students
• safeguard the privacy of information submitted by your students

big thanks to our sponsors!

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