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BizPlan is a business plan competition for youth ages 13-24 who live in any of the 50 towns of the Franklin County, Hampshire County and North Quabbin region of western and North Central Massachusetts. It is open to youth attending BizKamp and anyone who meets the eligibility requirements.  

Cash Prizes!
Win cash by entering a BizPlan
Win a 4-year college scholarship (50% off tuition & fees) to the llinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Get started!
1. Sign up
2. Review the rules below.
3. Click "My BizPlan" on the left side navigation bar and enter your BizPlan.
4. Upload your financials spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation.
5. Present your plan at the BizPlan Competition during BizKamp.


To be considered for a prize, you must enter your BizPlan before midnight the day prior to the final day of the BizKamp and attend the BizPlan Competition on the final day of BizKamp.

You are eligible to win cash prizes and a scholarship award if:

you are between the ages of 13 and 24 at the time your register

your BizPlan is for a business, non-profit or invention that is legal to start, operate, produce, possess, and/or sell in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

you present a 5-minute slide-show presentation of your plan at the BizPlan Competition at BizKamp.

you enter a BizPlan by yourself or as part of a team of up to three members. (Each team member must register idividually. Your team should select a 'captain' and compose, edit, and publish your BizPlan using the captain's BizVenture Series account. The captain should enter the team members' first and last names and towns of residence in the BizPlan template fields provided.)

you or at least one of your team members live in one of these 50 western and north-central Massachusetts towns:

A Amherst, Ashfield, Athol

B Belchertown, Bernardston, Buckland

C Charlemont, Chesterfield, Colrain, Conway, Cummington

D Deerfield

E Easthampton, Erving

G Gill, Goshen, Granby, Greenfield

H Hadley, Hatfield, Hawley, Heath, Huntington

L Leverett, Leyden

M Middlefield, Monroe, Montague

N New Salem, Northfield, Northampton

O Orange

P Pelham, Petersham, Phillipston, Plainfield

R Rowe, Royalston

S Shelburne, Shutesbury, South Hadley, Southampton, Sunderland

W Ware, Warwick, Wendell, Westhampton, Whately, Williamsburg, Worthington

Your BizPlan will be judged within one of three age categories: 13-15, 16-18, 19-24.

A team of judges will score your BizPlan using the values and criteria below. Judges are volunteers representing area businesses, schools, towns, civic and non-profit groups, and youth. Their scores will be averaged and the awards presented to contestants with the highest average scores. If there are tied scores, the judges will decide final ranking based on a second review of contestants' BizPoint presentations.  

Scoring Values (maximums):
BizPlan     70
BizPoint    30
Total        100

Scoring Criteria

Summary (7 points max): Clearly describes their business: product and/or service, customer need, origin of idea, target market, target customer, competitive advantage.

Market (7 points max): Understands the business type they selected, their target market, target customer, customer needs, and has a realistic plan to reach, attract, and sell to customers.

Competition (7 points max): Has identified competitors and has a good grasp of their histories, locations, pricing, marketing strategies. Has described the competitive advantage of their own business.

Operations (7 points max): Has a good rationale for the legal structure they selected, meets legal requirements, has a good team (owners, personnel and advisors), and has a good perations plan that will work for their business.

Costs (7 points max): Has done a thorough job of determining the economics of their unit of sale, and their operating and start-up costs.

Financing (7 points max): Has developed a solid financing strategy and demonstrates a good understanding of how the strategy affects their ownership of and equity in their business.

Financials (7 points max): Has generated an error-free 12-month income statement and correctly calculated their business return on investment, break-even, return on sales, and payback time.

Goals (7 points max): Has specified 3 personal and 3 business goals that are measurable, including at least 1 short-term, 1 medium, 1 long-term goal.

Making a Difference (7 points max):  Has demonstrated how business will positively impact employees, the community, and the environment.

Overall (7 points max): Has done a quality job with researching, conceptualizing, and writing (including clarity, spelling, grammar and punctuation) that is consistent with their age and educational level.

BizPoint (30 points max): has done a quality job summarizing their business plan using persuasive slide-show presentation (including live presentation, clarity, thouroughness, design).

College Scholarship Awards: Two finalists will be considered for 4-year scholarships to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), a private university based in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The scholarships provide a 50% reduction in tuition and fees and paid employment each summer in BizVenture's 50-town region helping with community economic development initiatives. Recipients are also eligible to earn an MBA or other Masters-level degree by completing just one additional year of study. High school/GED students, graduates and those attending 2-year colleges are eligible providing they meet IIT's admission requirements. Contact us for more information.

We ask you to abide by the following code of ethics. Anyone found not to be honoring this code will be disqualified from this and all future BizVenture Series activities.

Employees of the Series' presenters and their family members are ineligible to participate.

Judges may not score a BizIdea of any entrant whom they would be unable to evaluate impartially because of a family, friend, or other personal or professional relationship.

Soliciting input and advice from others is permitted, but a BizIdea, BizBoard, and BizPitch, must consist of your original work and be in your own words. Quoting, summarizing or paraphrasing the work of others is permitted but must be referenced using MLA Style endnotes: www.citationmachine.net. Plagiarism will result in elimination from the Challenge.

Tampering with a contest website or webpage or using other improper means to increase scores will result in elimination from the contest.

You must be respectful of other contestants, judges, and program staff and supporters in all interactions: on-line, in writing, or in person. Disrespectful language or behavior will not be tolerated and will result in elimination from the contest.

Your BizIdea will be evaluated without regard to your sexual-orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, social class, income level, political beliefs, town or area of residence, school, disability, national origin, past or current court involvement, and all other forms of bias and discrimination.

Contest staff and volunteers will endeavor to reach out to and include in the contest all eligible young people regardless of their race, sexual-orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, social class, income level, political beliefs, town or area of residence, school, disability, national origin, past or current court involvement, etc.

Staff and volunteers, with adequate notice, will make every reasonable accommodation o include and support the full participation of contestants with disabilities.


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Ages 18-24
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The Recycled Greenhouse


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